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A native of a small town on the Westbank of New Orleans, a former Multi Unit Restaurant manager of 8 years, and a single mother of her 10 year old Daughter.

April’s love and passion for coffee began in her childhood at breakfast with her grandmother. They would drank community coffee while they dipped their bread inside until it was soggy. It continued through her adult years whether at PJs for college study sessions, the long Starbucks line before work, or the occasional home brew.

In 2020, April decided to combine her entrepreneurial spirit, passion for people, and love for coffee to begin educating herself about the coffee industry and culture around her.

What she found was that, most people choose their coffee brand and method based upon familiarity and accessibility; not necessarily quality, origin, and taste. Also minority groups were less likely to have a specialty coffee experience.

With this in mind, The Royal Bean Specialty coffee company was born.

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